"If we have no charity and no tolerance, we shall never settle our differences."
Mahatma Gandhi

Custody Evaluation
& Parenting Time

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Custody Studies
When parents are involved in a custody dispute, the court may order a custody study by a neutral professional. The custody study evaluator will conduct a thorough investigation, which includes interviews with each parent, character references for each parent, multiple interviews individually with each child, and "at home" visits where the custody study evaluator will meet with each parent and the child in their respective homes. In some cases psychological evaluations of the parents and/or the child may be necessary, as well as randomized drug or chemical dependency testing.

Parenting Time Expediting
Parenting time conflicts are common. When parents are unable to agree on a set parenting time schedule, the court may appoint a Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE). A PTE will make decisions regarding parenting time that the parents cannot resolve on their own. The scope of a PTE’s decision making power and length of the PTE’s appointment varies by case and depends on the court order issued. One parent may initiate the involvement of the PTE, but generally both parties must pay for the time spent on the case. An attorney can help you seek appointment of a PTE by a judge.


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