Conflict Management and Mediation Professionals

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"
Albert Einstein

Conflict Management & Resolution

Conflict Management & Resolution offers a method and a place for people to identify their needs, define their interests and reach agreement in conflicts. Our highly trained and experienced mediation professionals have the skills, compassion and insight to help you sort through the issues and conflicts you are trying to resolve. Through mediation, you retain more control over the outcome of a conflict than when a third party, such as a judge, makes the decisions.

Our experienced staff includes a divorce attorney/mediator, a career public social worker, and a court specialist and former guardian ad litem. Our professionals have been involved with the court system for a combined total of over 70 years. We are committed to helping you through a challenging transition in a way that best suits you and the other parties involved.

Whether you face divorce, parenting time issues, or turmoil in your work or personal relationships, we can help you consider your options and guide you to an acceptable resolution. Our professionals have handled all types of conflict, including: family matters, neighborhood disputes, small business and partnership disputes and department conflicts in corporations and higher education. Whatever the dispute, we provide a broad base of expertise and an objective perspective. Conflict Management & Resolution is an alternative to litigation or conjunction.


Conflict Management & Resolution
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